Professional Mixing & Mastering Services for Christian Artists.

Achieve incredible sounding music with pure vision mixing
that ensures your tracks inspire and impact your listeners.

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Dramatically increase the quality
of your music in a fraction of the time.

No more mainstream engineers
that don’t get Christian music.

Create music that resonates
with the worship community.

Here’s How I Can Help

Work with an audio engineer who specializes in mixing spirit-lifting
Christian music for visionary artists that want to make their mark


Collaborative Process


Handing over your musical baby can be a scary process, but I promise it’ll be in safe hands! My collaborative process will ensure you are 100% satisfied with the end product.


Christian Specialiastion


I’ve spent over a decade working closely with celebrated Christian artists. This means I understand the nuances of the genre and how to preserve the spiritual impact of your music.


Make Your Best Music Yet


My process facilitates the creation of songs that you’ll be proud to share with the world! I’m here to give you confidence that your music is mixed and mastered to a competitive level.

Professional Mixing


Bring your songs to life with a pure vision mixing process that ensures that it not only sounds amazing, but more importantly it brings out the emotion and tells your story.


Mastering Services


Why wait to hear what the end product is going to sound like? We can build in the mastering process as we mix, meaning you’ll be ready to send your songs off for distribution.


Creative Vision


There is nothing worse than mix that does not represent the vision or sound you had in your head. We’ll discuss your vision and references to ensure your creativity shines through.

Get incredible sounding, distribution-ready music
with pure vision mixing.

Jonny’s collaborative process ensures streamlined communication to maintain your creative vision and bring your music to market.

Align on creative vision

Let’s chat about where you want the song to go! We’ll identify the key targets we want the mix to hit.

Mix and master your track

I’ll work on your song in my studio, transforming your production in to a radio-ready mix for you to hear.

Revision and sign-off

You have the final say! We’ll keep refining the mix
until you’re happy to put it out in to the world!

Check out some of my work

Here is a collection of some of my favourite projects that I’ve worked
with over the last decade:

What client’s are saying...

Don’t just take my word for it! See what my other clients have said
about what it’s like to work together:

"Thank you so much Jonny for all your work. We’re so grateful to be working with you!"

Victory Worship
"The dream of every producer is a mix engineer that enhances the creative process & JB is a prime example of a sonic curator who understands the delicate balance of making songs sound & feel amazing. A true testament to his intuition & ability to deliver masterful work"

"Sounding huge, digging some of the choices you've made, love all the extra flavour/delays on Vox. They’re beauuut."
Bubba McCarthy
Producer/Musical Director

Hey. I'm Jonny

I’m a mixing/mastering engineer and producer from Bristol, UK. I am husband to Sarah and dad to Juno, Ramona and Beck.


I love sci-fi films, analogue synths and going to bed early. I grew up playing guitar in bands, playing at church and spending all my spare time in a studio or figuring out how guitar pedals worked. After touring the world for many years,  I’ve been working on creating records with incredible artists, truly living the dream! 


In 2020, along with drummer Payden Hilliard, I founded Drum Sample Shop – an online store selling premium drum sample packs.



Creative Vision

I have been mixing records for the best part of a decade with an obsessive desire to always be improving my craft. My goal is to mix a song with a focus on emotional impact as well as technical precision. I’ve been lucky enough to work in a variety of genres and have gained a lot of experience from working with some of the top artists in the business.

Off the back of working with some of the world’s top mastering engineers, I developed a love and confidence for the art of mastering. After years of mastering my own mixes, I’m so happy to offer this service to other creatives and collaborate with producers, artists and other mix engineers.

Through the years I’ve got to work and learn from some incredible engineers. I was always amazed at how they could achieve the sound in my head and bring my songs to life through their mixes.
I love serving artists and producers, helping them realise their own goals, bridging the gap between vision and reality.

Here’s How You Can Work With Us

Achieve incredible sounding music with pure vision mixing that
ensures your tracks inspire and uplift the worship community.


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⚡️ One song expertly mixed
⚡️ 30-minute creative planning
⚡️ Mastering for one song