Jonny Bird - studio

About Me.

Hi I’m Jonny Bird – a mixing/mastering engineer and producer from Bristol, UK. I am husband to Sarah and dad to Juno and Ramona and Beck.


I love sci-fi films, analogue synths and going to bed early. I grew up playing guitar in bands, playing at church and spending all my spare time in a studio or figuring out how guitar pedals worked. After touring the world for many years,  I’ve been working on creating records with incredible artists, truly living the dream!


In 2020, along with drummer Payden Hilliard, I founded Drum Sample Shop – an online store selling premium drum sample packs. 


I have been mixing records for the best part of a decade with an obsessive desire to always be improving my craft.

My goal is to mix a song with a focus on emotional impact as well as technical precision. I've been lucky enough to work in a variety of genres and have gained a lot of experience from working with some of the top artists/engineers in the business.


Off the back of working with some of the world's top mastering engineers, I developed a love and confidence for the art of mastering. 

After years of mastering my own mixes, I'm so happy to offer this service to other creatives and collaborate with producers, artists and other mix engineers.